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Reflection, Mixed media on circuit board 5.8” x 8”
by Leo Eguiarte


Tala, Haliya, Magwayen {2013}

So last year, I went to Hong Kong. Because I won an art contest thing. I haven’t been out of the country in a while so it was a welcome change of pace and scenery. I actually had meant to make a long post about it late last year. But after I got back, I was greeted with a series of unfortunate events. And eventually I just never got around to it.

Part of the conditions though for my Hong Kong trip was to create more art for an exhibit there. The point of the exhibit was to tell stories of mystique and being Filipino. So I came up with the above paintings all based on three goddesses in the Philippine mythological pantheon. They’re all a bit rough, but I was in a bit of a rush. I see so many faults in all of them that it’s driving me nuts. But I was happy with them at the time, now I’m not so sure.

It could be better. But whatever.

At least I got to Hong Kong and I think I was able to communicate my stories well enough. Well enough that I sold the canvas prints to a lovely couple. So these paintings are now probably hanging in their apartment in Hong Kong.

Aside from the sweet validation, it was also kind of a relief that I sold out actually. I brought my tablet along for repairs but without really any money to pay for it, but it all worked out.  Plus, I got a bit of extra shopping money. I bought art materials mostly.

But the whole time before the night of the exhibit had ended, I was worried I wasn’t going to sell and that I would have to lug those massive canvases back to the Philippines along with a still-broken Intuos. It would’ve been so devastating.

Anyway, it was a great trip. It was pretty soul-enriching. Met a lot of really cool people and made a few new friends. And I learned a lot through the process of making these though, despite not being entirely happy with them. I always make it a point to experiment and try something new with every serious painting. I think that’s important, but sometimes I end up with glorious failures. But then again, my most unforgiving critic is myself.

8th graders

It’s amazing how the teachers demeanor an ability to keep calm and keep controlled, can influence how a class functions as a group, and responds to doing the tasks requested of them.

Merry Christmas!!!!
They’ve been giggling for two hours now… And I was just talking to someone about finding love at any age… #coffee #date #love #flirting
So I’m sitting here and this guy sort of mimes to me, asking for something to write with and to write on. So I give him a little notepad and pen, and he has been writing ever since… He is now on his 6th page, front and back. Homeboy’s got a lot to say I guess. I think I’ll give him the notebook. 

I wonder what he is writing about… What’s his story?

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From Sunday. When your so excited you become annoying. #annoying #disneyland #too #expensive #missed #you #excited @xc_runr (at Disneyland)


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On the anniversary of V-J Day, 1945, presents Alfred Eisenstaedt’s storied photograph, as well as pictures taken around the country by other LIFE photographers as word spread that Japan had surrendered.
(Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)